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Help Your Neighbor First! Serving the the families of the USA since 1980.

TAX EXEMPT STATUS OF THE HELP USA FIRST FOUNDATION, Inc.                                         
Federal ID/Tax Exempt #:  38-3103229   - When making a donation - First Register with the Site on the Left and click on any donation button. Register with Network for Good. If you wish your donation to go to a particular project such as Tsunami, Veterans or Justice, you may designate where it will be used and confirmation of that fact will be sent to you from the Foundation Development Department. THANKS. PLEASE HELP ONE FAMILY AT A TIME WITH YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS.


Millions of American families have been displaced form their homes, jobs, schools, child care, food sources and just plain the necessities to maintain any normal existence since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis. This fund provides direct financial support to qualified families for the duration of the Pandemic Crisis and beyond.


Veterans continue their struggle to get to any state of normality since 911. The media has moved on while families have been moved to the streets. Mental illness and poverty has increased and suicides have increased over the last years are on the increase. American has an OBLIGATION to assist these BRAVE young men and women. Veterans gave the the ultimate sacrifice to protect this nation and NOW the NATION MUST NOT FORGET THEM.


The media jumps on the catchy phrases such as Black Lives Matter for ratings. The United States of American is made of many races and is a nation of immigrants. To that end ALL Lives Matter to ALL AMERICANS. The USA has over 2.4 million citizens INCARCERATED in prisons, largest number of ANY nation on EARTH, the majority of those are minorities, with the largest being BLACK. This Foundation has continued for the last 30 years to support programs to ameliorate the plight of ALL minorities in the criminal justice system, racial disparities and their families. In addition, the programs of the Foundation has made verifiable progress in its efforts for race neutral laws.

LIFE Sustainability Fund

Homelessness, food security, quality affordable health care, senior, mental health and disability awareness programs are always the first to be cut when government budgets are reviewed. The need for sustainable safety nets have increased in the 21st century. Help is needed to continue our work with these vulnerable populations. LET US NOT FORGET our Neighbors.