Help USA First Foundation, Inc.

Help Your Neighbor First! Serving the the families of the USA since 1980.


      The new, copyrighted, symbol for the Foundation above, shown in draft form, was created by a Iraqi Veteran, Jacob Schebler of Davenport, Iowa.

Jake IS a Marine and fought in the first wave of the Iraqi invasion after 9/11. He was not even 20 years old when his best friend died in his arms. He returned home after three years of service and seeing the blood of fellow Marines turned the sands of the Iraqi desert red. We, at the Help USA First Foundation, Honor him and all those that have and continue to give the ultimate sacrifice of their youth and lives, worldwide, defending the honor of the United States of America. This beautiful drawing is rightfully the symbol that represents the prime objective of the Help USA First Foundation, to remind all Americans to HELP their Neighbors in the United States FIRST.

    Project Get A Home assist for ALL veterans with an emphasis on the new class of Terror Abatement Veterans (TAV) that have served since 9/11.  Project Get A Home provides rental assistance, home buying guidance, health and social advocacy, family relocation and so much more. Project Get A Home's goal will targets homeless veterans and their families. The present COVID-19 Crisis affected veterans and their families greater than most due their housing vulnerability that has been persisted for over 3 decades. The project has assisted over 32,000 veterans and their families with housing assistance with the help of community organizations, Inkind assistance and sweat equity and the generosity of many. Homeless Veterans are NOT invisible, we just mistake them for substance abusers or the mentally ill. They are OUR NEIGHBORS let us Help Our Neighbors First.

A DONATION OF JUST $100.00 may help a family of 3 with food for a week.